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Following the Government's recent announcement, the Tennis Club Committee is pleased to announce that from Wednesday 13th May, we are reopening the tennis courts to members for singles (and family play) only subject to the following guidelines.

Pre-book courts - Courts should be pre-booked preferably online or if not by texting or emailing Brian with 24 hours' notice on 07939 870810 or evercope62@gmail.com

Singles only - Courts should be used for Singles play only (unless booked by a family)

Social distancing still applies - Change ends on opposite sides of the net, do not get within 2 metres of your opponent and do not shake hands!

Use the single court - If two courts are in use at the same time then one of them must be Court 3 (the singles court)

Wash your hands - Do this both before and after playing, or use hand sanitiser

Keep gate locks clean - Gloves should be used to open the locks or hand sanitiser and on the net handle if used

Balls - We recommend each player to take his/her own set, clearly marked and to serve with these. Return stray balls by using the racket and the side of your foot or kicking them back.

Avoid touching your face - The less you touch your face having touched any other surface, the better

Wash your racket grip - After the match, clean your racket with alcohol gel or hand sanitiser

Wash tennis balls - After the match gently wash your tennis balls - they will be fine

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League Tennis

We play year-round with teams that play across the divisions

  • Summer
  • Floodlight
  • Winter

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Club Tennis

Non members can access our courts in a number of ways

  • Guests of members for £5
  • Guests at club nights for £5 (plus £1 for floodlights in the winter)
  • Pay As You Play for £5 for 1 hour per court or £8 for 2 hours Ring 01473 221996, 07939 870810 to book

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